LK Domain Registration

LK domain names allow Sri Lankan companies to represent the Sri Lankan identity throughout the Internet and it also allows international companies to have their identity in Sri Lanka.

As an authorized agent of LK Domain Registry and a giant in the Sri Lankan web hosting industry, we are exited to offer you a feature-packed package with your LK domain registration with us for the first time in Sri Lanka. The package contains FREE web hosting, FREE 10 email accounts and much more features to achieve your online success with us. Register your Sri Lankan online identity today!


* This online order form is only for CAT2 and CAT3 domain Registrations, please contact us if you want to register your domain name under a different category.

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When my domain will be activated?
Normally, it takes about one working day to activate a LK domain name if all the necessary details are provided.
Any additional details required?
Yes, if the domain name is registered for a person, national identity card (NIC) and the personal details (Name, address, contact number, etc.) of that person is required. If the domain name is registered for a business, the business registration number is required.
Do I have to send you the BR or any scanned copy?
No, you do not have to send anything as long as the provided details are accurate. We will contact you if LK Domain Registry requires any additional information.
I want to register my domain name for multiple years
You will be eligible for a discounted rate if you are registering the domain name for multiple years
2 Year/s - 5% discount
5 Year/s - 20% discount
10 Year/s - 40% discount

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LK domain registration only. eg:

CAT2 domain names must contain more than 3 letters and should not contain only numbers and specific reserved names.

Price: /year (15% VAT included)
LK domain (eg: including the following Second-Level Domains,,

Price: Rs.5750.00LKR/year (15% VAT included)
Second level LK domains Registration

Price: /year (15% VAT included)
Two letter domain names And special names e.g. And numeric names (2-7 digits) such including the following second level lk domains,,

Price: Rs.28,750.00LKR/year (15% VAT included)
Three letter LK domain names And desirable names e.g. And numeric names (8-10 digits) such including the following second level lk domains,,

Price: Rs.11,500.00LKR/year (15% VAT included)