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15 May 2016
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15 May 2016, Comments 0
We are excited to announce our new shared hosting package range which comes with SSD storage as a default feature. You do not have to pay more for other providers to get a costly package named as "business hosting" to experience the performance of SSD. Sign up today with us for a SSD hosting package and experience the difference from just Rs.900/year for the first time in Sri Lankan web hosting industry.
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SSD (abbreviation of Solid State Drive) storage is an advancement for the traditional SATA hard disks (magnetic disks). When a visitor enters a website which generates the content dynamically such as WordPress, the it triggers multiple database queries and content access requests simultaneously. With traditional web hosting packages that use magnetic SATA hard disk drives, accessing data and database querying is slow due to the mechanical movement of the disk. To be more specific, traditional hard disks store data on rotating magnetic disks and an actuator arm that reads the information has to move in order to access the stored data or write data — it consumes a considerable amount of time due to physical movements.

As SSD is a flash storage that does not contain any moving mechanical component, data can be accessed faster than ever before. That's why we can guarantee you x9 performance increase compared to our previous SATA based hosting package range.
What about the reliability?
We use NVMe drives (PCI based SSDs directly connected to the mother board). All our SSD based servers are powered by OpenStack cloud platform and a highly secure and scalable file system which has been configured with native high availability. Hosted data is replicated across three geo-redundant data centers (triple replication) to ensure there is no data loss during a hardware failure. With this setup, we can assure your data is 100% resilient and our services are reliable than any other provider.

What are the benefits?
Faster performance/loading speed than ever before.
Fully compatible and optimized performance with popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
Higher level of security.
100% resilient storage.
Native high availability
Lightning fast Intel Xeon E3/E5 processors

Purchase your package today and experience the difference;
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